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The calendar is a measure of time and to distinguish between today and tomorrow or yesterday. The calendar helped people to organize their lives. The Greeks were the first to develop the calendar and the beginning was with the Gregorian months, after the advent of “Omar Ibno Al-Khattab”, who made great achievements for the Arabs, he drew the Hijri calendar, the name of Hijri calendar is related to the migration of the Prophet Muhammad to Medina. The Hijri calendar has a role in preserving the identity of Islam, and it is very accurate because it relies on the moon to determine its days and months. “Omar Ibno Al-Khattab” was not the inventor of the Hijri months It is “Kulab bnu murra” who was the first to name the Hijri months.

The Arabs did not use only the Hijri calendar, they also used the Gregorian calendar, especially in recent centuries, due to the mixing with the West and the policy of colonialism, but the names of the Gregorian months are different among Arabs and we will learn both in this lesson.

Hijri months الأشهر الهجرية :

ArabicEnglish Pronunciation
3ربيع الأول MarchRabie al’awal
4ربيع الثانيAprilRabie athani
5جمادي الأولMayJumadi al awal
6جمادي الثانيJuneJumadi athani
9رمضان SeptemberRamadan
11ذو القعدةNovemberThu alqiedah
12ذو الحجةDecemberThu alhijah

Muharram (مُحرم) :

Muharram is the first month in the Hijri calendar, and it is one of the sacred months so that the Arabs forbade fighting in it.

Safar (صفر) :

They called it صفر because the Arabs homes were empty they went out in search of food or for wars, especially after they were defeated, they take everything with them and leaving their homes empty to the enemy. It is the second month in the Hijri calendar.

Rabie al’awal (ربيع الأول) :

The Arabs Spring is divided into two parts, the first part of it coincides with the month of Rabie al’awal, which is why it was called by this name. It is the third month in the Hijri calendar.

Rabie athani (ربيع الثاني) :

It is called Rabie athani because it coincides with the second and last part of spring for the Arabs. It is the fourth month in the Hijri calendar.

It is also called ربيع الآخر”Rabie al’akhir”

Jumadi al’awal (جمادي الأول) :

It was called Jumada al-‘awal because it falls in the early winter when the water freezes due to the extreme cold. It is the fifth month in the Hijri calendar.

Jumadi athani (جمادي الثاني) :

It is called Jumadi athani because it is the month that comes after Jumada al’awal.It is the sixth month in the Hijri calendar.

It is also called جمادي الآخر”jumadi al’akhir”

Rajab (رجب) :

This month was called Rajab because of their glorification of it, and because the word Rajab means greatness and prestige,Rajab is the seventh month in the Hijri calendar.

Shaeban (شعبان) :

This month was called Shaeban because the Arabs go to search for water, which is very little in this month, Saeban is the eighth month in the Hijri calendar.

Ramadan (رمضان) :

Ramadan is a great month for Muslims, it is the month of fasting, repentance, and forgiveness, so it was called Ramadan because of the intense heat that coincides with it. It is the ninth month in the Hijri calendar.

Shawwal (شوال) :

This month was called Shawwal because of the camels that raise their tails in order to fertilize, and also for the lack of their milk during that period, Shawwal is the tenth month in the Hijri calendar.

Thu alqiedah (ذو القعدة) :

This month was called Dhu alqiedah because of the Arabs sitting in their homes and their reluctance to fight because it is one of the sacred months, distinguished by being a calm month in the Arabian Peninsula. It is the eleventh month of the Hijri calendar.

Thu alhijjah (ذو الحجة) :

Dhu alhijjah is a great and blessed month, in which killing and injustice are prohibited. It is called Dhu alhijjah because it is the time of Pilgrimage for Muslims. It receives pilgrims from all over the world, in the past and in the present. It is one of the sacred months, and it is the twelfth and last month in the Hijri calendar.

Months in arabic 1

•About الأشهر الحُرم(sacred months) :

The sacred months are the months in which the Arabs abstained from war, injustice, and corruption in order to extol them, except in the event of the entry of the enemy. The sacred months are four: Dhu alhijjah, Dhu alqiedah, Muharram, and Rajab.

•The Hijri calendar is based on the moon, seeing the crescent means the beginning of a new month and its completion means the end of the month, the number of days in the Hijri months is only 29 or 30 days, because of this, the Hijri year is 11 days ahead of the Gregorian year.

•Examples :

ArabicEnglish Pronunciation
عيد الأضحى يوافق العاشر من ذي الحجةEid al-Adha falls on the 10th of Dhu alhijjahEid al’adheha yuwafiqu alachira min dhi alhijjah.
القرآن الكريم ٱنزل في شهر رمضان المباركThe Noble Qur’an was revealed in the blessed month of Ramadan.alqor’an alkarim ‘onzila fi chahri ramadan almobarak

Gregorian monthsالأشهر الميلادية :

ArabicEnglish Pronunciation
1كانون الثاني/يناير Januarykanun athani/yanayir
10تشرين الأولOctobertichrin al’awal
11تشرين الثانيNovembertichrin athani
12كانون الأولDecemberkanun al’awal


Sometimes the Gregorian month has two names in Arabic, each region uses what it prefers, such as: February”شباط””shubat”or “فبراير””fibrayr

•about تموز(tamuz) :

There were many gods among man in the past due to his ignorance of what is happening around him of rain and thunder… The gods in which they believed were married, angry, giving birth, and talking to humans, and the Sumerians were the first to believe in these gods because the Sumerian civilization is one of the oldest civilizations that left books about Myths, and among the most important of these myths are the god Tamuz, the god of plants and livestock, and his story with Ashtar, the god of love, sex, and fertility. The god Ashtar and Tamuz were the couples who saved humanity. With fertility, food, and livestock, life continues, and because of problems between them, the god Ishtar imprisoned the god Tamuz in the world of the dead and fire, and for this reason, The month of June is called تموز, but it remains just a myth.

•Examples :

ArabicEnglish Pronunciation
أنا ٱحب شهر أيلولI love September.‘ana ‘ohibu shahra ‘aylul.
يعتبر يناير أول شهر في السنةJanuary is the first month of the yearyuetabaru yanayir ‘awala shahrin fi ‘asana.

•In this lesson, we learned simply about the Hijri and Gregorian months in Arabic and the reason for naming each Hijri month among the Arabs. All you have to do is repeat and re-understand this information over and over again with the application, we will meet in another lesson, please ask any questions and I will answer them personally, good luck.

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