Italki Review – a Detailed and Honest Review! (2024

What is italki?

Italki is one of the best and most affordable online learning platforms, which helps you to find a tutor for the language you’re learning or planning to start learning.

With a huge number of tutors that offer classes in more than 100 languages around the world, you can find a tutor that best fits your learning plans, schedule, and goals. On the other hand, Teachers can set their own prices and make their own schedules.

On Italki you can find an available tutor even if you are planning to learn a less common language and you can find skilled teachers even at low prices.

The Italki app

The Italki app is highly recommended as it is one of the best and most useful tools for learning a language. No matter where you are located you can still take lessons

According to the users, the potential for language exchange and other free extra community features in Italki is great.

Italki fees

The fees in Italki range from 4 to 60 US dollars per hour. It depends on the language you want to learn and the teacher’s qualifications and years of experience. 

Most of the prices are around 10 US dollars per hour.

In Italki you can find thousands of independent teachers in Italki offering classes and you can book language classes directly from them. They set their own schedule, the price has unique qualifications and experiences, and come from all over the world. 

Payments for the lessons are always made through italki and classes typically take place over Skype, but could also be conducted through WeChat, FaceTime, and others are often available.

How to subscribe to Italki

First, you need to find a tutor that meets your expectations.

You can contact the chosen tutor to ask any questions you may have before beginning. Then you need to click on the “Book Now” button. You will probably find that tutors in Italki have a few different types of classes that they offer. These may have different prices or all be the same.

You can choose the best lesson duration for you and you will have the possibility to book a package of lessons at a discount.

Moving forward, you’ll need to select the time when you would like the lesson to take place. Italki presents all schedules according to your own time zone. 

After selecting the time of the lesson, you will choose the preferred platform for the lessons and add your username.

The italki Classroom platform is good for video lessons and supported easy messaging and screen sharing. Then you’ll have to pay.

In order to take lessons on italki, you will find two options:

1- pay for lessons with a specific teacher, 

2- purchase italki credits. 

The credits carry the same value as US Dollars and you can use them to purchase classes with any italki teacher.

Pay attention to the fee you will need to pay when booking a lesson with a particular tutor. However, you can pay a lesser fee in case you buy credits that could be used with any tutor in Italki.

Another thing to be aware of is that you need to keep logging in to your account because you will lose the credits you’ve purchased if you go over 12 months without logging onto your italki account.

The available languages to learn in Italki

Italki has so many tutors of different languages from all over the world, more than any other platform. Today, there are more than 130 languages to learn or improve there. Here are the most popular ones:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Portuguese

To learn Spanish you can find about 1700 teachers, more than 950 teachers to learn French, more than 700 teachers of Chinese, and almost 300 teachers for Korean.

You can filter the search result by price, age, country, teacher type, availability, and instant booking, which lets you book a lesson and start it at the same moment.

The introductory video of each teacher can give you an idea about him\her, so make sure to watch it before booking a trial class.

How to start learning in Italki and book a trial lesson

After signing up you need to choose which languages you are planning to learn. Then you will be taken to the page where you can choose your tutor with the appropriate price for you. You can also watch their video introduction, check their qualifications, availability, reviews, and rating before booking a trial lesson, in case their profile and specialization meet your expectations. Then you enter the tutor’s profile and choose a time (which is already converted and provided in your time zone) from their schedule, then pay for it using the “credit currency” system in Italki. After that, the teacher will receive a request that should be accepted or denied in a limited time.

When your request is accepted, the credits will be taken out of your italki wallet and held in a form of a bond until the lesson is completed. In case the lesson was missed or there is a dispute, your credits will be released back to your account).

You can always change your teacher in case you are not satisfied with the trial lesson with them.

The less popular languages may have a small number of tutors available, but they must be native speakers and qualified to teach you.

What affects the prices of lessons in Italki?

The price of the lessons that teachers put could be high or low according to some factors like:

  • Teacher’s experience. When he\she has a long good experience in teaching, you can expect a high price.
  • The city or country where the teacher lives. They may live in a small town or village where living expenses are not high as they are in other countries with bigger and more famous cities.
  • The number of good reviews that the teacher got on their profile increases their rate and therefore their price, as a highly recommended teacher.

No worries about the time difference on Italki

Whether you are a teacher or student, lessons booking will not be problematic as the Italki system automatically converts time and shows the time of the lesson for both teacher and student in their time zone, so you do not have to worry about it.

Another good thing is that the Italki system reminds you of the lesson two hours before it starts, just in case you had many things to do and forgot about it.

Teaching on italki

If you are seeking an online income from home and are interested in tutoring, you’ll need to apply online. The application process takes about two weeks.

In the application, you’ll include a picture of yourself, information about your language levels, a video, and a written introduction. If you’re applying as a professional teacher, you’ll also have to upload documentation proving your experience or educational background.

If your application is accepted, you can then update your schedule and prices and start conducting lessons to teach on italki.

Another enjoyable part of working for italki is you will get to speak with students from all over the world and meet different people with different backgrounds and cultures.

italki commission will take a 15% cut of your earnings, so you need to plan ahead for that.

You can not get lots of students instantly after you get accepted as a tutor on Italki. This means that new teachers usually need to initially lower their prices until they get more reviews and students.

The standards and quality of tutoring in Italki

Basically, language teachers in Italki are qualified professionals and passionate about teaching their native (or high-level fluent) language.

Italki has two types of tutors: professional teachers and italki community tutors.

The basic requirements to become a professional teacher on Italki are:

  • To be at least 18 years old.
  • To be a native speaker or at a C2 level in the language, you are planning to teach.
  • To have a short pre-recorded introductory video about you and your tutoring experience, methods.. etc.
  • To have a bachelor’s degree (preferred in education) or a TEFL certificate or equivalent.
  • To have An employment history.

To build up a highly qualified community of teachers in Italki, all new instructors should submit an application and then go through a process that includes tutor success videos and a test. Then after finishing the self-study portion they have to meet an Italki Teacher Services in a video call.

Other features in Italki

Italki website has plenty of other features such as:

  • adding public notes in your aimed language that native speakers can comment on with a correction.
  • asking a question about grammar, or a quick translation for free.
  • Use the chat with someone before leaving the site for a Skype call.

Eventually, the progress in your target language depends on how hard you work on it.

Learning Arabic in Italki

According to Italki, the best way to learn Arabic, as a beginner, is to have lessons with an experienced teacher. You can choose one from the Italki platform which already has more than 400 Arabic tutors. You can have 1-on-1 lessons and learn reading, writing, speaking, and Arabic culture. 

If you already have Arabic fundamentals, you can hire a private tutor to develop your knowledge and language skills in a particular field.

To practice spoken Arabic you can join Arabic learning communities, where you can communicate with natives or other Arabic learners.

The summary about Italki 

If you are passionate about learning languages, then Italki website is worth your time, with its free features and wide range of languages and tutors. However, there are five things you need to know about Italki before signing up:

1- Italki provides trial lessons of 30 minutes (which are sometimes cheaper than the regular ones) and it is important to choose a teacher that can understand exactly what you need.

2- Italki has a flexible app that saves your italki credits easily as you can filter every search for new teachers, native speakers, or community tutors that you did not have lessons with yet. 

3- Some tutors have good descriptions and introductory videos, but when it comes to the class they are unprepared or using a lousy or old curriculum that may not be suitable for you.

4- Sometimes there are so many tutors for one language, while very few for other languages.

5- Based on your abilities, you can join the teacher’s community in Italki to start teaching your native language and earning money.

As you can see, it is flexible and easy to find a teacher and start learning a new language online, using both the Italki website and app. You can do it no matter where you are based or what your time zone is.
You also need to be aware that the high price you are paying for a lesson may not have the high quality that you expect.

Italki pros and cons

pros :

What makes Italki special and worthy are the next offers to language learners:

  • The huge number of tutors from all over the world with different backgrounds.
  • Many choices of languages. 
  • The flexible schedule.
  • The convenient and easy booking system. 
  • The affordable prices.
  • The great free community features.
  • The language exchange.

Cons :

According to some students, there are some cons about Italki that make the learning process challenging, such as:

  • The community features are only available through the app.
  • You may need to try several tutors before finding one that fits your plans.
  •  It is easy to not take classes as often as you should.

A conclusion about Italki

Italki is one of the most useful tools for learning a language and is more convenient than finding a local tutor plus it is cheaper.

No matter where you live, taking classes in italki will be extremely beneficial. You can also use the free extra community features in case you don’t have money to spend on classes.

Frequently asked questions about Italki

Is Italki legit? and one of the best online learning websites?

Italki is a good platform for long-term goals like getting a good score on the IELTS exam or feeling more confident in English or any other language.

Is registering for Italki free?

Yes, for both students and teachers. However, italki charges teachers a 15% commission fee based on their listed lesson price.

Can I get my money back from italki?

According to italki cancellation policy you can get a 100% refund to your italki Student Wallet if:
– Your lesson request is canceled by you,
– Declined by a teacher,
– Expires (not confirmed by the Teacher in time).

Can I have free italki lessons?

Even though it’s not free, you can easily find teachers in most languages for $4-$10 per hour. 

As a tutor, how can I withdraw money from Italki?

You can withdraw using Payoneer or\and PayPal.

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